HIPAA Consulting

Is your organization in need of security policies and procedures for the protection of ePHI?


Is your organization’s HIPAA compliancy officer overwhelmed with the requirements of HIPAA?

Does your staff need HIPAA Security and Privacy training?

    We offer:

  • One point of contact for all your training and IT needs
  • HIPAA subject matter experts and industry best practices
  • Hardware and Software Analysis, Design, Development & Implementation
  • HIPAA Compliance System and Process Audits
  • HIPPAA Training, Onsite and Online, and User Training to ensure technology adoption

Most growing businesses cannot afford hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to employ compliance officers, trainers, system engineers and network architects to monitor compliance, maintain current networks and plan for new required system enhancements. And the responsibilities of monitoring compliance and managing the system normally falls to someone already tasked with mission critical duties

We can help you become compliant and maintain compliance at a cost that is far less expensive than hiring one full time IT professional. Contact us today for more information.

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